arts & entertainment with a purpose!

LLyniuM entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment enterprise specializing in music event production. With services ranging from sound and lighting, artist booking and vendor coordination to multi-track recording, video production and web design, LLyniuM entertainment is a self-contained multi-media machine based in a creative complex in downtown Princeton, West Virginia called The RiffRaff Arts Collective. Spearheading an arts movement that is transforming a once forgotten neighborhood, these offerings bring more than just entertainment to the community; they pave the way for an entirely new creative landscape in the region. 

With a heart for social change and a knack for inspired content, LLyniuM aims to promote respect for diversity and unity through music. Cornerstone events like Culturefest World Music & Arts Festival and All Together Arts Week create an environment where creativity flourishes and boundaries fade. Guests feel inspired and encouraged to be themselves, and explore the possibilities of a life of their dreams. Wonder and awe are invoked and freedom and peace are celebrated. Events like The Downtown Countdown break boundaries of the norm and show the small town of Princeton, West Virginia that anything is possible. Music acts like Option 22 and The Change carve new roads in the airwaves, using music to uplift and promote positivity, and touring shows like The One Voice Project and the Create Your State tour bring a new outlook and hope for the future to people who need it.