Culturefest Connects

I was thinking the other day about the ways that humans have become disconnected, and how our world suffers from that lack. I am tremendously thankful for events like Culturefest and the opportunity to share deep human connectivity and joyous experience. Culturefest connects: 

~You might discover an artist that you resonate with, and carry forward a connection with that artist into the future; their music and social media platforms might become a big part of your life, and connect you to other artists, people and ideas that affect your life. 

~You might meet a friend, and realize they share an insight or perspective about the world that you never truly got to share with anyone else. They might become your best friend and introduce you to other circles of like minded people who care. 

~You might find a hobby that enriches your life, something you didn’t even know you had a knack for, maybe something you didn’t even realize existed or, perhaps something you have always wanted to try but never quite had the context to discover and explore. 

~You might connect with the land and the mountains and the star filled sky in a way that you had longed for. Perhaps you live in the city and the light pollution doesn’t allow for you to see the Milky Way. Perhaps you have been busy working indoors and haven’t been able to connect with nature and feel your toes in the grass, and this magical mountaintop feels like home. 


Come connect with us.

September 7-10.

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